Whose bin is it?

This is dependent on the principle of ‘the polluter pays’ and for this we need to be able to know the exact amount of waste, in any given period, collected from each consumer. Controlling the waste receptacle itself is another step towards deterring those who may wish to dispose of their own waste in others bins. To know this we use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponders on each of the consumer’s bins. Each transponder contains a unique Customer Code.

Individual billing

European, National and Local Government laws and policies will no doubt soon feature principles based on paying for what you get. Measured billing would ensure when someone is paying for their waste collection, they would be doing so based on measurable amounts and documented services provided. This as opposed to lump sums or flat rates which invariably tend to work out in favor of those generating huge amounts of waste and unfairly penalize those whose waste collection is minimal.

Everything is logged

So after we’ve helped you measure, bill and collect the waste is that all? Well, with potentially hundreds or thousands of bins and collateral damage or accidents to your bins, we’ve also integrated our system to document and administer such accidents and damage reports ensuring your bins function at their peak and your customers remain happy.

The Waste Collection System developed by BinControl provides an integrated, simple and cost-effective solution for all your needs.
An RFID* antenna, capable of scanning a transponder from a distance of 80cm
An InfraGate confirms the usage of the bin lift and is also monitors objects thrown in manually
A Camera is configured to record all activities within the scope of the working environment
An RFID tags on each one of the bins contains the ID of the corresponding owner
An Inclination Meter is also used to confirm the usage of the ‘bin lift’
A GPS antenna and transponder for real-time systems communication is added

Works in every situation

Our custom antenna has been specially developed to ensure that bins which are lifted are detected, those which are not lifted and are instead emptied manually can still be read when brought into proximity of the antenna (vehicle’s receiving area) whilst ignoring those bins left on the pavement or away from the truck. One solution fits all!

BinControl provides you with

Collecting and storing data

All data can be stored in the on-board system and transmitted to the consumer and/or your control system by mobile communications (phone network, WIFI etc) or offline (data card) either after or during the operation. As a secure back-up data is also stored temporarily on the servers of BinControl.


Our custom software is easily and readily deployed on a regular computer, no special requirements here! If you have fleet tracking then that’s fine too as it’ll easily integrate. As an added option, equipment capable of measuring the weight on the bin lift can be connected to the system if required. This option can associate not just the volume but also the mass of the waste being measured to the consumer’s account.

No need for new bins

Transponders can be easily, quickly and permanently fixed onto a bin (plastic or iron) which means there is no need to change bins – simple!